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White collar crimes have a reputation for being a 'softer' kind of charge, but nothing could be further from the truth. Being charged with white collar crimes comes with steep penalties, both within the criminal justice system and outside of it.

Since white collar crimes are financial in nature, the people who are charged with them may lose their professional credibility and livelihood just because of the accusations. The stakes have likely never been higher for you.

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What Are Considered White Collar Crimes in Virginia?

White collar crimes include:

  • False Pretenses - Making an intentional false statement to defraud the victim in order to obtain title to their personal property.
  • Extortion - Obtaining benefit through coercion. Common examples involve the threat of violence, peddling influence and blackmail. In some jurisdictions it is not necessary for one to have obtained the benefits they sought to be charged with a crime.
  • Embezzlement - Stealing or keeping assets that one was entrusted to hold or use for a specific purpose. It is a form of financial fraud.
  • Fraud - This is a general term for any intentional misrepresentation made by someone for the purpose of depriving the victim of their money, property or legal rights.
  • Money Laundering - Illegally hiding the origins of money, usually through a series of transfers or transactions
  • Credit Card Fraud - Fraud committed using a payment card
  • Identity Theft - Illegally using someone else's identifying information (e.g. name, credit card number, or social security number) without their permission to commit crimes such as fraud.

What Are the Penalties for White Collar Crimes in Virginia?

White collar crimes can be charged as misdemeanors or felonies, often depending on the value of the property in question. For example, misdemeanor embezzlement includes any act of embezzlement worth $500 of loss or less.

Anything over $500 could be charged as felony embezzlement, which carries penalties of up to 20 years in prison. Virginia has a very broad definition of Identity Theft, and the law has lately become a sort of catch-all crime. Don’t let them catch you, for something you should not be convicted for.

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As a former prosecutor and former Assistant Attorney General, Attorney Paul C. Galanides is one of the best-equipped lawyers you can find for defending yourself from white collar charges. For several years, Attorney Galanides taught the law on Identity Theft Frauds to the police recruits in the Henrico Police Academy.

With the resources to investigate every aspect of your case (and the case against you), he provides a competitive advantage that could mean the difference between a life of freedom and a life in prison.

For 27 years, the Richmond white collar defense lawyer of the Law Office of Paul C. Galanides, P.C. has worked tirelessly to represent his clients. He knows each case is unique and is always searching for that edge, that one detail that will make all the difference.

Mr. Galanides works long hours to ensure his clients get the best possible outcome for their charge/ charges often without trial or acquittal at trial by preparing each case rigorously and thoroughly. When your future is on the line, Law Office of Paul C. Galanides, P.C. is the firm you want in your corner.

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“I'm inspired to fight for the rights our constitution guarantees us, and to attempt to truly make a difference.”

- Paul C. Galanides
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