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23 Years of Successfully Defending the Accused

Criminal appeals are the criminal justice's system's "second chance" for defendants. Often, the outcome of a case is affected by legal decisions made by the judge during trial. When a case ends with a poor result, defendants can fight to overturn their conviction by appealing to a higher court to review those legal decisions made by the trial judge. Appellate pleadings, unlike trials, require a lawyer not only argue his case persuasively, but to also be a masterful legal writer. Appeals courts have their own unique rules of procedure, so not every attorney has the knowledge or experience to take an appeal to the Court of Appeals or the Virginia Supreme Court. Attorney Paul Galanides has argued dozens of appeals before the state appeals courts. He is admitted to practice and has prevailed in pleadings before the United States Supreme Court, and has argued before the United States Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit, a court just one step below the United States Supreme Court.

If your trial ended in an unfavorable decision, you need a Richmond appeals attorney on your side. For more than two decades, Attorney Paul C. Galanides has served his clients by obtaining decisive and life-changing appellate results. As an award-winning academic writer prior to his career as an attorney, Mr. Galanides began ghost-writing appellate pleadings even before he graduated law school. Attorney Paul Galanides' experience as a former member of the Capital Appeals Division of the Attorney General's Office and his insight as a seasoned trial attorney make him one of the most persuasive appeals attorneys in the Commonwealth.

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Habeas Corpus Suits & Direct Appeals in Richmond, VA

A direct appeal is a way for your attorney to challenge your conviction by addressing court errors which might have affected the verdict. A direct appeal is not a way to introduce new evidence and is not a retrial. Instead, direct appeals give you a chance to demonstrate that a trial judge made incorrect decisions that wrongly affected your trial or the final verdict. In most cases, a successful direct appeal can result in a new trial or even outright dismissal of your charges. In both cases, Attorney Paul Galanides will fight to give you a second chance—even after the jury has passed down a verdict. His firm has the resources and experience to appeal your case through every level of the court system to the very top.

Habeas corpus petitions are another important part of the post-conviction process. A defendant might have had a lawyer who committed malpractice or was ineffective in handling the client’s case, or law enforcement might have failed to disclose exculpatory evidence (i.e. evidence that would have supported your innocence), or the court failed to provide the defendant with due process of law. In situations like these, Attorney Paul Galanides may be able to file a habeas corpus suit arguing against the legality of your imprisonment. Doing so would challenge the grounds of your conviction in pursuit of a new trial.

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Our Richmond appeals attorney has argued cases like yours before. More importantly, our firm has the experience and resources to review your trial record thoroughly, leveraging every unique or potentially valuable part of your case to craft an effective appeal. Our approach is not cheap, but good representation is always worth the cost—just ask the men and women who are free today because Mr. Galanides didn't give up after they'd received guilty verdicts with other lawyers.

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“I'm inspired to fight for the rights our constitution guarantees us, and to attempt to truly make a difference.”

- Paul C. Galanides
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