Case Results

Law Office of Paul C. Galanides, P.C.

Attorney Paul C. Galanides has handled nearly every type of criminal case, big and small. From complex felony cases to appeals matters, he has the experience, dedication, and confidence to seek a resolution that protects his clients’ rights and best interests. While no lawyer can guarantee a specific outcome, the Law Office of Paul C. Galanides, P.C. offers a sample of the firm’s past victories as a testament to the hard work Mr. Galanides puts into every case he takes on.

    • Caroline County, Credit Card Theft and Fraud (November 2018)

      Our client was charged with two felonies, fraud and theft, arising from a disputed credit card transaction. The allegations were unusual and the first attorney my client consulted recommended that she not contest the charges preliminary hearing and simply wait until she faced trial in Circuit Court. Instead, I thoroughly investigated her case, and we came to the preliminary hearing prepared to offer witness testimony regarding the client’s products and professionalism, demonstrative evidence of the credit card transaction, and documentary proof that my client had committed no crime. After warning the Commonwealth’s Attorney of the strength of our case, he agreed to drop both charges before we even had the hearing.

    • Child Sexual Abuse Stafford County (March 2019)

      Our client opened his home to someone in need and was later detained on a complaint that he had sexually abused her child. We began a background search and set a private investigator on the woman's trail, while the police searched unsuccessfully for corroborating evidence. We appeared for preliminary hearing twice, prepared to challenge the competency of the child witness, oppose the admission of her recorded statements, and demonstrate the weakness of her identification testimony. We advised the prosecutor that our evidence would demonstrate the client's innocence and rejected the prosecutor's repeated attempts to plea bargain. When the prosecutor saw that our case was likely stronger than his, he dropped both charges before any hearing was held.

    • DUI Henrico (November 2018)

      My client was responsible for causing a car accident in which one of the vehicles overturned. Both drivers went to the hospital, where my client, unfortunately, consented to a blood draw for the State Trooper (not recommended). While this was a first offense DUI, causing a serious accident will usually motivate a Judge to impose jailtime, and my client’s Blood Alcohol level was high enough that he would have faced a mandatory five days in jail on top of whatever the judge gave him (a first offense DUI carries up to 12 months in jail, and can be charged as a Felony if a severe injury occurs). Years of experience allowed me to “strongly suggest” that our client complete various tasks which would be favorable to the Commonwealth Attorney and Judge. Ultimately, he was convicted of a simple first offense DUI, with no jailtime.

    • DUI Henrico (November 2018)

      My client was involved in a head-on collision, in which the other driver was at fault. My client, however, had a BAC (Blood, Alcohol Content) greater than .20%. He was charged with an enhanced DUI and faced a mandatory 10 days in jail. He also had 3 prior DUIs from several years ago. He was convicted of simple DUI, 1st offense, with no jailtime.

    • Forcible Sodomy Chesterfield (November 2018)

      Our client, an adult, was charged with Forcible Sodomy for an event which occurred when he was a Juvenile. Because of statements the client made to police during their investigation, pleading not guilty was not a reasonable option. Instead, we aggressively negotiated for his case to remain in Juvenile Court, so that he would not be tried as an adult. Once we accomplished that goal, we steered our client into appropriate counseling and down several paths of community-oriented behavior which gave us the strongest possible hand when we argued in court how the Juvenile Court judge should handle the case. Ultimately, the client’s charge was entirely dismissed.

    • Goochland, Possession of Controlled Substance (September 2018)

      Client's estranged spouse alerted police to a baggie with suspected cocaine residue she "discovered" in client's belongings. Client was not present and wisely made no statements to police. The Commonwealth obtained a grand jury indictment, rather than certifying the case through the General District Court, and insisted the client should plead to the felony. Instead, we prepared a vigorous defense and engaged the Commonwealth in what became a chess match of scheduling, in which the Commonwealth erred. Case dismissed following expiration of speedy trial rule.

    • Henrico – Possess Gun by Involuntary Committed (December 2018)

      Client, a Navy veteran with a distinguished career, suffered a brief mental infirmity in the past that caused him to be charged when he attempted to buy a firearm at a local store. We worked with client to provide the information to the prosecution which we knew would address their concerns. After significant negotiations, the criminal charge was dropped.

    • Henrico County, Felony DUI (April 2018)

      Client charged with Felony Third Offense DUI in Henrico county after a serious wreck. The client left the roadway, struck a house, and had to be resuscitated at the scene. The Commonwealth brought a direct indictment and extradited the client from out-of-state. At trial the defense persistently challenged the prosecution's use of the client's hospital records and the testimony of the toxicologist from the Department of Forensic Science. We vigorously maintained our objections in a well-researched brief and in a post-trial hearing on the issue that ultimately proved persuasive to the judge. Following argument on the issue, the judge dismissed the indictment.

    • Richmond City – Hit and Run x 3 (October 2018)

      Client, about to embark on career after significant educational investment, struck three parked cars in the fan late one night, and left the scene without speaking to police. Officers aggressively pursued hit and run charges because of concerns client had been drinking. We worked with client to take several steps to make the victims whole and demonstrate client was not a safety risk. We were able to persuade the prosecutor of the value of allowing client to pursue client's chosen career, and charges were dismissed.

    • Richmond Federal - Conspiracy to Possess with Intent to Distribute and Distribute Marijuana (November 2018)

      Client and roommates had engaged friends in Oregon to send several pounds of marijuana through the mail, which client sold locally. Authorities learned of the deliveries and raided the house, seizing drugs, guns, and money. Client was charged with four federal felonies. We first obtained client's release, then engaged in very fact-specific negotiations with federal prosecutors. Ultimately, client pleaded to one felony, and received a 30-day jail sentence.