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When you've been accused of a misdemeanor, you'll need the help of an experienced attorney on your side. Misdemeanor charges are far worse than the prosecutor would have you believe. People who are convicted of misdemeanors may end up serving a jail sentence, and paying heavy fines, but they also may find that their employment opportunities dry up, their housing options dwindle, and their ability to live a full life diminishes.

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Will I Go to Jail For a First Time Misdemeanor?

It is still possible to go to jail for a first-time misdemeanor. First-time offenders often don’t get anything close to the maximum sentence, and may not get jail time at least. You are still likely to be fined if you are convicted of a misdemeanor. A judge will order a longer jail sentence if there are other factors that make the charge much more serious. A gross misdemeanor is more serious than a simple misdemeanor but less severe than a felony charge. Examples of a gross misdemeanor can include reckless driving, fourth-degree domestic assault, and third-degree theft.

What is the Penalty for a Class 4 Misdemeanor in Virginia?

  • The penalty for a Class 4 Misdemeanor is a $250 fine

What is the Penalty for a Class 3 Misdemeanor in Virginia?

  • The penalty for a Class 3 Misdemeanor is a fine up to $500

What is the Penalty for a Class 2 Misdemeanor in Virginia?

  • The penalty for a Class 2 Misdemeanor is up to 6 months in jail and as much as a $1,000 fine

What is the Penalty for a Class 1 Misdemeanor in Virginia?

  • The penalty for a Class 1 Misdemeanor is up to 12 months in jail and as much as a $2,500 fine

For 27 years, the Richmond misdemeanor defense attorney at the Law Office of Paul C. Galanides, P.C. has empowered clients to avoid jail time and/or fines. Over a decades-long career, Mr. Galanides has helped thousands of people reduce or dismiss their charges or helped them win acquittal at trial. He has served as a public defender, a prosecutor, a special prosecutor, and as an Assistant Attorney General in Kentucky and for the Commonwealth of Virginia. When it comes to experience, Mr. Galanides is unmatched.

What Is a Class 4 Misdemeanor?

In Virginia, a Class 4 misdemeanor is the least serious misdemeanor charge and is generally punished with a $250 fine. Some crimes that are considered Class 4 misdemeanors include:

  • Unauthorized use of public property
  • Public intoxication
  • Possession of a schedule VI drug

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Clients call Attorney Paul C. Galanides because he's relentless. His knowledge of local judges and prosecutors and his thorough research of every client's case gives his clients the competitive advantage. When your future is on the line, that advantage could mean the difference between walking away from the courthouse and spending the rest of your life with a criminal conviction haunting you.

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“I'm inspired to fight for the rights our constitution guarantees us, and to attempt to truly make a difference.”

- Paul C. Galanides
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